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Windlock image technologyWindlock image technology

Wind-Lock ®

Stop the wind, free your emotions.

Different effects, one objective: Performance.

The study, implementation and revolution of each technology and textile in our garments always starts from a simple question: What’s the advantage that you’re looking and you are yet to find?


Stop the wind, free your emotions. Wind-Lock® allows to live and exercise in the open air with maximum comfort, avoiding the distress of cold and wind. The garments are made with windproof fabrics, thanks to linings with elastic membranes or super-compact weaves of the outer fabric. Wind and cold are locked out. The shaping of the garment is designed specifically to ensure maximum freedom of movement.


  • Completely wind-proof;

  • Noiseless;

  • Lightweight fabric with Minimum thickness ;


  • Micro-porous wind-proof membrane;

  • Compact wind-proof textures of the outer fabric.


  • Breathable MembraneBreathable Membrane
  • Compact TexturesCompact Textures

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